Founding director of "Pouget Coaching Monaco" Coaching in Self-Defense, Boxing and Fitness

Directed by Claude Pouget, founder of Paijeda, Monegasque martial art, Master of Martial Arts and Self-Defense, holder of six expert certifications, fifteen black belts, ten titles of State Graduate Professor including the title of Superior Graduate of State (BE2), three times world champion of Self-Defense Krav-maga *
(* 1 time as a competitor and 2 times as a trainer)


Private or group lessons and training courses

Join the lessons given under the technical management of Claude Pouget, one of the world’s best certified martial arts experts.

Those who benefit from Claude Pouget’s instruction include:

- security professionals (private, local police, gendarmes police) or, in the past, in the Monaco Police (members of the Police Academy and the task force etc.). He was joint head of the Self-Defence and Combat Sports section of the Monaco Police Department Sports Association (National Police).

- civilians (adults, women and men, teenagers and children aged 3 upwards) also benefit from the instruction he gives in his Academies in Monaco, Cap d'Ail, Beausoleil (group lessons) and in his Sports Coaching Center in Monaco (private lessons).



- private lessons :

The International Martial Arts Center of Monaco Claude Pouget salon FACEBOOK 843x504 Private Coaching septembre 2015 p


- group lessons :

In Monaco :

  • The International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco, approved by the Princely Government; website
  • The International Krav-Maga Academy of Monaco website
  • The International Self Defence and Combat Sports Academy of Monaco website

In Cap d'Ail :

  • The International Martial Arts Academy of Cap d’Ail (established 2003), approved by the Sports Ministry; website

In Beausoleil :

  • The International Krav Maga Academy, established 2001, approved by the Sports Ministry. website


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