Concierge Administrative assistance All personalized VIP services, managed by Claude Pouget, Master 2 in Law, Experienced in the monegasque administration.
Tel. +377 (0)6 07 93 31 36

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Beauty Center and well-being, managed by Félicia Pouget.
Tel. +377 93 30 14 10

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POUGET COACHING MONACO, managed by Claude Pouget, founder of Paijeda, monegasque martial art, Master in Martial Arts, holder of 6 Expert titles, 15 black belts, Superior State Diploma, Krav-maga world champion.
Tel. +377 (0)6 07 93 31 36

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Technical Director of two academies and four monegasques federations of martial arts, self-defence and combat sports.

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MONTE CARLO FIGHTING MASTERS ou TROPHY, International broadcasted monegasques events, co-founded by Claude Pouget, general manager.

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Claude POUGET, monegasque, is :

  • Holder of the medal of Honor in vermeil, the title of Honorary police Commander, the Silver medal for Physical Education and Sports awarded to him by HSH Prince ALBERT II;
  • Holder of the Gold medal for Sports awarded by the Mayor of Monaco;
  • Jurist : Master 2 in Law and Master in Business Law and from 2013 to 2020 legal advisor, member of the Chamber of Legal adviser Chamber of Monac;
  • Honorary Police Commander in Monaco;
  • Founding director of “Pouget VIP Service Monaco”;
  • Founding Director of “Pouget Coaching Monaco”, self-defense, boxing, fitness;
  • Co-manager of “Beauty Angels Monaco“, beauty, wellness and coaching center and the “Center international martial arts de Monaco Claude Pouget”;
  • Events organizer in Monaco (Co-founder of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters);
  • Founder of Paijeda, Monegasque martial art;
  • Distinguished to the Hall of Fame 9th Dan in Self Defense I.S.M.A. (2019), Grand Master in Self-Défense (2017) and in martial arts (2015).;
  • In martial arts, self-défense or combat : nine times certified expert, seventeen times black belt (9th Dan in Self Défense I.S.M.A. (2019), Grand Master in Self-Défense (2017) and in Martial Arts (2015)), 8th Grade in  Kickboxing, 7th Dan Krav-Maga, 6th Dan in Karate, etc.); Ten state certifications of teacher, 3 x World Champion in Self-Defense Krav-Maga (technical, 1 x competitor & 2 x coach), multidisciplinary fighting competitor, he has over a hundred victories;
  • Holder of state diplomas for eight Olympic combat sports: wrestling, English boxing, judo-jujitsi, wushu, karate, kickboxing, muaythai and sambo.
  • Experienced multi-specialist and multi-state teacher, all audiences in martial arts, self-defense or combat, especially in associations, being the founding technical director within the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco since 1997 , Cap d’Ail since 1999 and international Krav-Maga since 2001.
  • Founding President or Technical Director of four Monegasque federations: Paijeda, Monegasque martial arts (2021) and since 2001 of Kickboxing, Krav-Maga, Pancrace, Muaythaï and associated disciplines (Penchak silat, etc.); Wushu.
  • Internationally, representing Monegasque federations to the world federations of Kickboxing (W.A.K.O.), Muaythai (I.F.M.A.), Krav-Maga (W.F.K.M.);
  • In France, member of the Kickboxing and Krav-Maga grade juries at the national level.
  • In Krav-Maga, 7th Dan certified expert (highest ranking European) within the French Federation and member of the technical committee of the World Krav-Maga Federation.

H.S.H. Prince ALBERT II of Monaco awarded Claude Pouget :

  • the title of Honorary Police Commander (2013);
  • the Medal of Honor in Vermeil as Police Commander (2010);
  • the Silver Medal for Physical Education and Sports (2012) as Technical Director of the International Academy of Martial Arts of Monaco.

The Mayor of Monaco, Mr Georges Marsan, awarded Claude Pouget the Gold Sports Medal

The Mayor of Monaco, Mr. Georges Marsan, awarded Claude Pouget and his team-mate Eddy Molina the Gold Sports medal on the occasion of their title of world champion in Krav-Maga (technical) – 2019

Jurist : Master 2 in Law, Master in Private Business Law

Claude Pouget is a Master 2 in Law, Master in Business Law as well as, from 2013 to 2020, Legal Counsel in Monaco, member of the Chamber of Legal Advice of Monaco;

Honorary Police Commander of Monaco.

H.S.H Prince ALBERT II awarded Claude POUGET the title of honorary Police Commander (2013) and the Silver-gilt Medal of Honour (2010) at the end of his more than thirty year long career as an Officer in the Monaco State Police, in the Department of Public Security since 1984, then aged 23, he was successively a Lieutenant, Captain and Commander. Claude Pouget is also still a member of the International Police Association.

During his career, his duties in the Police were among others: head of the Elite Group (equivalent to the French RAID), he was attached to Protection of Public Figures, head of economic intelligence (economic counter-espionage) and headed the investigation and intervention unit of the judicial police, as well as being a legal and Self-Defence instructor at Monaco’s Police Academy. He ended his police career as Advisor to the Commissioner of the Monaco Police.

A moment of the demonstration in 1995, carried out by Claude Pouget, Police Officer, as Head of the Self-Defense Section of the Sports Association of Public Safety of Monaco, in the presence of the Director of Public Safety of Monaco then (The General Supervisor Maurice ALBERTIN -2nd from the right) surrounded by his Staff (including on his left the Divisional Commissioner Albert DORATO, Head of the Criminal Police Division).

Founding director of «Pouget VIP Service Monaco»


Concierge, administrative assistance, all personalized VIP services. Phone. +377 (0) 6 07 93 31 36 – claude-pouget@monaco.mc www.claude-pouget.com

Founding director of "Pouget Coaching Monaco" Coaching in Self-Defense, Boxing and Fitness

Directed by Claude Pouget, founder of Paijeda, Monegasque martial art, Master of Martial Arts and Self-Defense, holder of six expert certifications, fifteen black belts, ten titles of State Graduate Professor including the title of Superior Graduate of State (BE2), three times world champion of Self-Defense Krav-maga * (* 1 time as a competitor and 2 times as a trainer)
Phone. +377 (0) 6 07 93 31 36

Co-founding and co-manager of “Beauty Angels Monaco”, beauty, wellness and coaching center

Claude POUGET and his wife Félicia are co-founders and co-managers of Beauty Angels Monaco, a beauty, wellness and coaching center.
Tel. +377 93 30 14 10 – www.beautyangels.mc

Within Beauty Angels Monaco, Claude POUGET heads the Martial Arts and Well-being Coaching Department within the framework of the “Center International d’Arts Martiaux Claude Pouget” and provides private coaching courses in Self-Défense Paijeda, Self-Defense Krav- Maga, Kickboxing or other martial arts for all ages 3.

Events organizer in Monaco

Co-founder and Managing Director of the “Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters and Trophy”, having organised 30 fighting sports world championships including 7 in Muay Thai and 23 in Kickboxing, which were internationally broadcast, Claude Pouget was awarded the title of global Kickboxing promoter in 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018!


Founder of the Paijeda, monegasque martial art

PAIJEDA was created by Claude Pouget. It is a fully Monegasque martial art, which compounds his martial arts technical selections that are suitable for everyone, in accordance with the objectives set for the specificities of the various practicing audiences, as well as his syntheses and results derived from his skills as a certified multi-specialist in this field and from his experience of nearly half a century of practice.

Much like other martial arts, the practice of PAIJEDA is built around the concept of personal defence and brings in fact multiple benefits from a mental, physical, and social point of view, as described by Claude POUGET. This art is particularly an art of living that promotes health and well-being.

Paijeda is taught at the International martial arts academy of Monaco, approved by the Monaco’s Government, under the aegis of the Paijeda Federation of Monegasque Martial Art chaired by Mrs Alice Pastor.



Distinguished at the Hall of Fame as Master in Martial arts and Self-Defense

Claude Pouget has been honoured several times: since 2010 at the “Hall of Fame” in Valencia, Spain, subsequently obtaining the titles of “Grand Master” in Martial Arts (2015) and Self-Defence (2017)!

The 59-year-old Monegasque expert, multi-skilled in the field of martial arts, has practiced Martial Arts and Self-Defence for almost fifty years (1971), including twenty years in Krav Maga (1999), which is one of his specialties, in the Principality but also internationally, being the European holder of the highest grade (7th Dan) in this discipline.

Holder of eleven expert titles in martial arts, self-defense and fighting arts

He progressively moved up and acquired an unusual amount of grade certifications : holder of six french of international expert titles (Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, K1 Rules, Full-contact, Kickboxing defense, contact defense).

Holder of seventeen black belts in martial arts, self-defense and fighting arts


Holder of seventeen black belts: 8th grade black belt in Kickboxing, 7th Dan in Krav Maga (holder of several instructor certifications including Israeli ones), 6th Dan in Karate, 6th grade K1 rules, 6th grade Full Contact, 6th grade in Kickboxing Defence. 10th Khan (I.F.M.A., W.M.C.) Muay Thai/Thai Boxing, 3rd black belt grade in Sambo, 3rd degree black belt and Personal Defence Master, 3rd Duan Wushu, 2nd Dan in Pencak Silat, 1st Dan in Judo-Jiu-jitsu, black belt and black Master in Wrestling, black belt in Mixed Martial Arts (Black Glove), black bel 1st dan DKI in Kyusho.

Shotokan black belt diploma (promotion major) awarded to me by sensei Oshima


Holder of eleven State certified martial arts and fighting teaching diplomas

Claude POUGET obtained the first of his ten State certified diplomas in martial arts teaching at the age of 23 (1984) in Karate (B.E.1), followed by the DEJEPS and Higher State Certificate (B.E.2) in Karate and Associated Disciplines (Krav Maga, Wushu, Pencak Silat).

He also gained State certified diplomas (BE or BPJEPS) in English Boxing, Sambo, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Full Contact, Muay Thai and, in 2019, Contact Sports and Associated Disciplines, while being a Federal Instructor in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Tonfa and Telescopic Baton and and Federal Grappling Teacher.

3 times Krav Maga World Champion (technique- 1 time as a competitor and 2 times as a trainer) and multidisciplinary fighting competitor

2019 Krav Maga world champion (technique, +55 class), multidisciplinary fighting competitor, he has over a hundred victories in Karate, Western Boxing, Judo-Jiu-Jitsu, Full Contact Karate, Taekwondo and Kickboxing.

He has been selected for the “France Shotokan” national Karate team (1984), ranked vice-champion in the 1st World International Karate Shotokan Tournament in Paris 1984, Selected for the French Sambo team (1996), he came 4th at the 1996 Sambo world championship in Madrid (Spain), Champion of France individual fighting Karate (military) 1984. 


He holds state diplomas for eight Olympic combat sports: wrestling, English boxing, judo-jujitsi, wushu, karate, kickboxing, muaythai and sambo.

Claude Pouget is an experienced teacher, multi specialist and multi-state graduate, all audiences in martial arts, self-defense and combat arts

A part of the members of the Monaco Academy


He also teaches Martial Arts since over 40 years, with 10 state degrees, in the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco, Cap d’Ail (06), and in the Krav Maga Academy in Beausoleil (06).

In Monaco, his collective teaching, with his team, is mainly involved with Krav Maga, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, and Pankration at the Louis II Stadium (Boxing Hall), specifically aimed at the following people: children, (from age 3), teenagers, adults, going from a few, to a total of 300 practitioners (children, teenagers, adults and seniors) in his area.

As an instructor for security personnel, Claude POUGET, he is also active in schools in Monaco. The Academy of Martial Arts (see above), which he co-directs, is also a partner of Monaco’s National Youth and Sports Education Department, as part of the excellent extra-curricular “Pass’Sport Culture” programme to which it contributes martial arts courses.

Although the competition is not essential in his view, Claude Pouget, certified trainer (BE2) of managers and competitors, himself world champion, led, assisted by his team, the training and coaching of the competitors (from the beginner level in the discipline) having won :

  • Two titles of world Krav-Maga champions and six international podiums;
  • A title of Vice-Champion of the world of Muaythaï (I.F.M.A category Junior);
  • Eight titles of champions of France and twelve French national podiums, in Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai, Semi-contact and Light contact, by the youngest, cadets, junior, seniors;
  • Sixteen regional champion titles and twelve podiums in Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythaï, Chinese Boxing (Sanda), by the underdogs, youngest, cadets, juniors and seniors. 

Founding President or founder national Technical Director of the Paijeda, Monegasque martial art and of three Monegasque Federations approved by the Monaco’s Government administering Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Pankration, Wushu, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat, Kyusho, Kali Eskrima. 

Claude Pouget is founding President and National Technical Director of the Paijeda monégasque martial art and of three Monegasque Federations in: Kickboxing, Krav Maga and Pankration; Wushu; and Muay Thai and Associated Disciplines (Pencak Silat, Kyusho, Kali Eskrima). These federations are all approved (equivalent of the Ministerial Delegation in France) by the Prince’s Government and recognised by the Monegasque Olympic Committee and affiliated to the respective International Federations (W.A.K.O., I.W.U.F., I.F.M.A.), themselves recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

Cadre d’arts martiaux à l'International

Claude POUGET is:

  • in a personal capacity the exclusive representative in Monaco of the “WAKO PRO World Association of Kick-Boxing Organizations” and of the “World Muautyahï Council”;
  • the representative of the Monegasque Muaythaï, Krav-Maga, Kick-boxing and Wushu Federations with the international federations ;
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the World Federation of Krav-Maga in Israel, Member of the Steering and Technical Committees

Leader in France in martial arts, self-defense and combat art

a) at national central level:

  • Jury of national grade exams within the French Federation of Kickboxing, Muaythaï and Associated Disciplines
  • Federal Expert and Member of the National Commission of Krav-Maga and of the National Commission of the Grades of Krav-Maga within the French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines.

b) at regional level:

  • Responsible for the Krav-Maga Grades Commission within the P.A.C.A. and the Department of the Alpes Maritimes;
  • Head of the Regional Commission for Kick-Boxing Grades within the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur league of the F.F.K.M.D.A.

c) at municipal level:

  • Technical Director of the International Academy of Martial Arts of Cap d’Ail (06);
  • Technical Director of the Academy of Krav-maga located in Beausoleil (06).

In Krav-Maga, one of his specialties, Claude Pouget is a certified Expert (F.F.K), 7th Dan black belt (one of the highest grade in Europe), Graduate Professor State Superior (B.E.2), three times world champion (one time in competitor and two times as a trainer)

He is also Technical Executive within the French Federation, President and National Technical Director of the Monegasque Federation and executive within the world federation in Israel.

Self-Defense Krav-Maga is one of Claude Pouget’s specialties, he has been a certified Expert since 2015 (one of 6, the only one in Monaco), within the French Federation (FFK having ministerial delegation), black belt 7th Dan (2020) (one of the highest grade in Europe), holder of the higher state diploma (BE2), Member of the National Commission in France (since 2011) and Grades (since 2017). He is also Head of Grades within the PA.C.A Regional League (2018). And with the Alpes Maritimes department (since 2018).

Some pictures of federal seminars in France co-managed by Claude Pouget

Thus, he participates in the French Federation F.F.K. to the supervision and development of this discipline in France (FFK) which has nearly 20,000 graduates while being in particular a national jury for examinations of the highest grades of Krav-Maga and technically supervises internships throughout France, missioned, with other certified FFK experts

In Monaco, he is also President and Founding National Technical Director, responsible for grades and the only Krav-Maga expert within the Monegasque Krav-Maga Federation (FMKP), which is approved by the Monaco Government and Member of the Monegasque Olympic Committee and three times world Champion (Technic) (one time as a competitor in 2019 in Paris and two times as a trainer).

He is Internationally, within the World Federation of Krav-Maga, in Israel : a member of the Steering Committee and Technical Committee.
Claude Pouget has been practicing Krav Maga since 1999 (twenty years ago, when already an expert in martial arts) internationally (France, Israel, Europe, United States of America), and from different angles, He earned several instructor certifications, including Israeli ones